ATTN: Cisco SPCOR Students – BGP Videos Complete Monday 5/10/2021

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That’s right – visit your membership page any time on Monday, May 10, 2021, and watch the complete, hands-on BGP domain for the SPCOR!

These videos are:

  • Welcome the BGP Module
  • An Overview of BGP
  • BGP Message Types
  • BGP Neighbor States
  • BGP Path Attributes
  • The BGP ORIGIN Attribute
  • The BGP AS_PATH Attribute
  • The BGP NEXT_HOP Attribute
  • IBGP Peerings
  • EBGP Peerings
  • The BGP Best Path Selection Algorithm
  • BGP Local-AS
  • BGP Address Families
  • BGP and Regular Expressions
  • Next Steps with BGP

The OSPF domain is next for completion the week of May 10, 2021. Enjoy your training and may all your peers establish!

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