Cisco FTD code issues. Wait for 6.2.3?

Since came out, this new code fixed a laundry list of issues, although we’re all still waiting for 6.2.3 code which is considered Cisco “Make it or Break it” code release…

  • Error found on FTD devices:

Upgraded 20 of my student pods to the latest code for the FMC (, which included the FTD boxes I used for my classes. All of them got memory errors and would not deploy. Took me another day to reinstall 6.2.2 on them and they are working again. dang man! However, since I published this post I had a couple people email me that they hadn’t seen this problem, and a couple others shared their frustration with the error.

  • Error found on FMC:

When creating objects, the objects don’t show up as usable, even though you can see them in the main object screen. This will cause issues when trying to add these objects into Object groups, Platform settings, NAT, etc…very annoying. This problem can be fixed by turning OFF your FMC and resetting it…

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