Field Notice: FN – 72548 – Firepower Software: Log Files Might Consume Excessive Disk Space – Software Upgrade Recommended

Problem Description
Some versions of Firepower software might cause log files to consume excessive disk space on the Cisco Secure Firewall and Cisco Secure Firewall Management Center (FMC).

The Firepower software uses a log file rotation (logrotate) process to manage log files that are stored on the disk of the Cisco Secure Firewall and Cisco Secure FMC. The log file management process maintains recent log files while older log files are flagged for deletion in order to conserve disk space.

For some versions of Firepower software, the log file rotation pointers for the process_stdout.log and process_stderr.log log files are not reset correctly, which causes log files to consume additional disk space and prevent older hidden log files from being automatically deleted. This condition might result in the consumption of most or all of the available disk space on the system.

This advisory can be found at the following link:

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