Field Notice: FN – 72551 – Device Activation Using Activation Code No Longer Functional – Software Upgrade Recommended

Problem Description

Device onboarding with the use of activation codes does not function after an upgrade.


When you upgrade from a previous Application Delivery Platform (ADP) release to ADP_Rel_2022.11_1.273 or ADP_Rel_2022.12_1.371, and then upgrade the Device Management System (DMS) application from a previous release to dms_2022.11_1.273 or dms_2022.11_1.371, the DMS application might change the list of trusts sent to the Cisco Global Discovery Service (GDS). This prevents device onboarding with the use of activation codes.

During onboarding of a device, the phone will give an error. This is caused by the new release of the ADP, which inadvertently sends the default Java system trusts to the GDS when starting the previous version of the DMS application. This is due to a non-backwards compatible change introduced in ADP_Rel_2022.11_1.273 and ADP_Rel_2022.12_1.371.

Problem Symptom

These conditions are required to have this problem:

  • The Device Activation feature of the DMS application is configured.
  • There are no device trusts configured under ADP_CLI/Applications/BroadworksDms/DeviceActivation/DeviceTrusts.

This advisory is available at the following link:

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