Field Notice: FN74001 – ASA Software: FPR1100 And FPR2100 Series Security Appliances Might Incorrectly Report Fan Alert Condition – Software Upgrade Recommended

Problem Description
Some releases of Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA) Software might incorrectly report a critical revolutions per minute (RPM) fan alert on Cisco Secure Firewall Firepower 1100 (FPR1100) and Firepower 2100 (FPR2100) Series security appliances.

For Cisco Secure Firewall FPR1100 and FPR2100 Series security appliances, some releases of Cisco ASA Software might incorrectly report a critical RPM fan alert. This issue might also create a Smart Call Home (SCH) message that results in a Cisco support case.

Note: Only Cisco Secure Firewall FPR1120, FPR1140, FPR1150, FPR2110, and FPR2120 are affected by the issue that is described in this field notice.

This advisory can be found at the following link:

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