Learn QoS NOW!

QoS is another of those topics that often presents problems for students. We here at Lammle.com DO NOT want that to be the case for our students. This is why we have instructors like David Bombal, Kevin Wallace, and Anthony Sequeira teaching this topic across various courses in our library.

We are thrilled to announce the completion of the QoS videos as part of the SPCOR (in development) course here at Lammle.com.

The first video you should watch is the QoS Approaches video located in the SP Architectures section of SPCOR.

You will find the bulk of the QoS videos under the Services section of the SPCOR course. These videos are as follows:

  • QoS – Classification and Marking
  • QoS Groups
  • Other QoS Tools
    • Congestion Management
    • Congestion Avoidance
    • Traffic Shaping
    • Traffic Policing

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