More Information on the Official Cisco CCIE Practice Labs!

Here is a lot more information we have for students regarding these Practice Labs – enjoy!

  • Each practice lab costs $50
  • You can get registered and pay here:
  • Each practice lab is 4 hours total in length
  • You must have taken and passed at least one written qualification exam
  • The equipment is that of the actual lab; you will have the same set of devices, the same software set, and a topology that is representative of the topology used in the CCIE lab exam
  • Practice labs come with scenarios that focus on specific technology solutions
  • You are not required to follow the practice lab scenario – you can do whatever you want with the equipment during your four hour session
  • There are currently practice labs written for the Enterprise Infrastrucutre and Security CCIE domains; Cisco is promising to grow this concept to the other tracks
  • The actual lab titles you can choose from currently are:
    • SD-WAN Basic Routing Lab
    • SD-WAN Intermediate Routing 
    • SD-WAN Intermesiate Routing and Security 
    • SDA (Software-Defined Access) Basic Provisioning 
    • SDA Inter-VN Connectivity Including Fusion
    • AMP
    • WSA (Web Security Applicance) 
    • ESA (Email Security Appliance) 
    • DNAC
    • Remote Access VPNs
    • Site-to-Site VPNs
  • All you require to experience the practice labs are a PC, Mac, or Linux machine with an Internet connection and the Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client
  • You are permitted one scheduled lab session at a time
  • You may schedule a new session immediately upon completion of your current session
  • Labs may be repeated as many times as you like (or can afford)
  • You must have passed the written qualification exam (and Cisco checks!)
  • It can take as long as two weeks before your written exam results can be used for verification in the Practice Lab system
  • Cisco does not provide refunds or cancelations for any reason
  • Cisco has a very detailed and aggressive anti-sharing policy for the Practice Labs – it is almost as harshly stated as the actual lab exam itself ; do not even think about sharing or videoing the contents of the practice lab – I bet you would receive a very stern letter from Cisco (as a first step)
  • You can schedule the practice labs as far as four months out
  • The practice exam pods cannot be refreshed or reset during the four hour lab session
  • The practice lab exams do not come with solutions or verifications
  • Your confirations are destroyed when the lab ends

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