CML 2.2.1 Arrives With Heavily Requested Features

| is thrilled to announce that Cisco has dropped a new release of CML – 2.2.1. This new release offers features that we have been BEGGING for since the intial release of CML itself. Finally, they arrive and bring with them some other “real nice to haves”!

What are these features that we have been requesting and waiting patiently for (along with the surprises)? They are:

  • Link labels – YES!!!! – Finally we can view labels for our interfaces. These are on by default, and if they annoy you for some reason, there is a toggle to turn them off. It was so strange that this critical UI feature was not there from the beginining, but certainly better late than never.
  • The console settings finally received a makeover – with excellent new settings available from the Settings option in the top right of the console area:
    • Load history on connect – this feature allows you to see the console activity even after a refresh (that might be accidental) of the browser window; this is an excellent feature that we had not even thought to ask for at
    • Auto connect – this is another one that is excellent. If you turn this feature on, you will have your console connections established without having to explicitly click and make a connection; this will end up saving a ton of mouse clicks for sure
    • Themes – finally you can play with the color schemes in the built in console of CML
    • Font size – this is another feature that we requested A LOT; in previous versions we were stuck with a very small font in the built-in console

You might notice that these console improvements no longer compel us to avoid the built-in conolse in favor of using the breakout tool and our own Telnet/SSH client. Wonderful. We want to be working with out emulations as quickly as humaly possible!

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