NEW COURSE ALERT! CCIE Mastering Cisco DNA Center Fundamentals

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We have found from the many comments and emails that Cisco’s DNA Center is another of the new Cisco technologies that students are finding it difficult to really grasp and understand. This is not surprising really, since it is another topic that is often introduced with a bunch of fancy marketing-related speak that does little to help one fully understand the tech.

Enjoy this upcoming video series and embrace Cisco DNA Center technology and operations as they would be implemented in a REAL Enterprise network today. You will build a super-strong foundation on which to grow your Cisco DNA Center skills.

While Cisco DNA Center might seem overly complex at first, thanks to this video series, you will learn the simple concepts of Cisco DNA Center step by step, never being overwhelmed by the product.

This course is expected to release within Q1 of 2022!

Check out this detailed outline for this heavily requested course!

  • Introducing Cisco DNA Center
  • Challenges of the Modern Large Enterprise
  • Cisco’s Evolving Approach to IT
  • Cisco DNA Center Use Cases
  • Cisco DNA Center Installation
  • Initial Setup of Cisco DNA Center
  • Cisco DNA Center and SD-Access
  • Integrating Cisco DNA Center with Cisco ISE
  • Integrating Cisco DNA Center with Cisco CMX
  • Integrating Cisco DNA Center with LiveNX

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