*NEW* Designing and Implementing Enterprise Network Assurance (ENNA) 300-445

Want more job security? Along with the CCNP Enterprise cert, the new Cisco ENNA certification might be just what you’ve been waiting for. The new ENNA specialist certification exam is scheduled to launch at the end of May 2024

In networking, network assurance is the difference between having rules and knowing if they’re being followed. What is Network Assurance?This is how you check on your network traffic, make sure it’s going where it’s supposed to, and that all the devices on your network are playing by the rules you made for them.

Network assurance includes techniques, tools, and software that help you monitor your network traffic, manage and tweak devices, and configure special rules and protocols so that everything runs smoothly.

If you’re interested in learning about the ENNA exam, download the exam topic blueprint here.

ThousandEyes and Network Assurance 

While the certification primarily focuses on network assurance for enterprise networks, ThousandEyes plays a crucial role in the exam. Candidates should demonstrate their ability to determine the right monitoring strategy, recognize appropriate monitoring techniques, and configure integrations for alerts, API, OTEL, and more. Mastering skills such as deploying the right agent, configuring tests, and analyzing collected data is essential for success in the field.

Integration into CCNP Enterprise 

The ENNA specialist certification is now part of the CCNP Enterprise Professional-level certification. This integration recognizes the importance of network assurance as a pillar in the evolution of networking. The inclusion of ENNA in the CCNP Enterprise certification reflects the industry’s demand for specialized skills in enterprise networking. 

What is the Cisco ENNA Certification

As enterprise networks continue to grow and become more complex and prone to hidden inefficiencies and waste, the need for a network assurance specialist certification became clear. Hiring IT staff with the ENNA Network Assurance Specialist certification will be a priority for organizations whose networks depend on digital experience monitoring, end-to-end visibility, proactive monitoring, and automation solutions. Large-scale networks have high performance, network security and usability expectations, and the ENNA is designed to prove that a network professional knows how to meet them.

You can earn Cisco’s enterprise network assurance specialist cert by passing the 300-445 ENNA test once it’s available in May 2024. The 300-445 will also become one of the eight concentration exams you can take to qualify for the CCNP Enterprise. 

More info from Cisco: https://blogs.cisco.com/learning/meet-enna-the-new-cisco-enterprise-network-assurance-enna-specialist-certification

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