New Pure Firepower Threat Defense (FTD) 6.2.2 Classes Announced!

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Starting in October 2017, Todd Lammle, LLC will be teaching Pure FTD classes!
All new labs! Every student get their own 6.2.2 FTD device and 6.2.2 FMC for the entire week! No sharing!

*NEW Cisco 6.2.2 FTD Code!*

All Firepower policies included: Objects, File/Malware, IPS (SNORT), Security Intelligence (SI), ACP, Identity, DNS w/Sinkholes, Realms, Network Discovery (Firepower), Advanced Network Analysis, Task Management, User management, Advanced IPS (NAP), Captive Portal and Correlation policies.

Includes all FTD labs such as Objects, Zones, PreFilter, FlexConfig, Routing (static/EIGRP/OSPF), Platform settings, Redundant Interfaces (HA), EtherChannel, VPN, NAT, QoS, migration from ASA to FTD, and a lot more! Over 60 hands-on Labs!

Includes AMP and ISE w/PxGrid!

Check it out!
Click Here for More info and upcoming dates!

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