The CCIE Enterprise Book Series You Have Been Waiting For!


As you may know, has been very fortunate to have industry-leading instructors contribute to our video library. These names include greats like David Bombal, Kevin Wallace, and Anthony Sequeira.

To help support a new self-publishing initiative by Anthony Sequeira, I recently purchased his latest work – “The CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Demystified – Volume 1 – Strategies”. I had quite the reaction to this text.

Wow! This is going to sound silly, but I had one word to describe this experience – RIVETING. It will come as no surprise to you that I have NO interest in the eight-hour torture test that is this lab exam, however I could NOT STOP reading this book. Anthony’s personal and accessible writing style sucked me in. I was also intrigued by the amount of “insider” information he shared regarding all aspects of the CCIE lab exam, from the details of how you are graded to the insights on successful strategies. It is so clear that Anthony has a crazy amount of passion and knowledge about the most respected professional exam in our industry.

Anthony is releasing each chapter of his text as it returns from the tech and copy editors. He seems to be releasing a new book element about every 48 hours. Use the link below if you would like to purchase this text for the stupidly low price of $19.95 (Anthony did not follow the industry norm of inflating the price for CCIE training materials). Enjoy – I know you will!

NOTE: I have asked Anthony for a sample chapter to post here at the blog and have not heard back yet. I am pretty sure he will do this, so be sure to subscribe to the blog to be alerted when this post materializes.

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