Umbrella Secure Internet Gateway (SIG) Hands-on Class


Umbrella SIG: The next level in cloud-based security and protection – only on!

Securing the cloud has never been more critical. Which means now may be the time to consider migrating from your DNS-layer security solution to a secure internet gateway (SIG) package. SIG consolidates critical security functions into a single, cloud-delivered service, making it easy to protect your users, apps and data — both on and off your network.

You will learn how to deploy and demonstrate the value of Umbrella’s enforcement and intelligence products. This lab covers the initial deployment of Umbrellacloud proxy and cloud delivered firewall, followed by sections on Umbrella reporting.

After completing this course, SEs and customers will be able to successfully deploy and operate Umbrella solutions and will have a good understanding of how they work and the benefits they provide.

This two-day will give you hands-on experience in the latest Cisco security product

Hands-on Lab Outline:

1.DNS Network Protection

2.Active Directory User Sync

3.AnyConnect Roaming Client

4.Virtual Appliances

5.Network Tunnel

6.Cloud Delivered Firewall

7.Secure Web Gateway

8.Data Loss Prevention



Class runs from noon to 5:30 pm EST Thursday and Friday, with 24 hour lab time availability to finish labs


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