What’s New in the Free Tier? 5/27/2021

A new Topic-Based Mini-Quiz is available in the popular Cisco ENCOR 350-401 Practice Pack. This mini-quiz attacks the topics of GRE and IPsec from the Virtualization domain of the ENCOR exam. Enjoy!

Remember this Virtualization domain consists of the following topics:

2.1 Describe device virtualization technologies
2.1.a Hypervisor type 1 and 2
2.1.b Virtual machine
2.1.c Virtual switching
2.2 Configure and verify data path virtualization technologies
2.2.a VRF
2.2.b GRE and IPsec tunneling
2.3 Describe network virtualization concepts
2.3.a LISP
2.3.b VXLAN

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