What’s New in the Free Tier? 5/5/2021

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Our elves are hard at work in the Free Tier (as well as other tiers) ensuring that you receive new videos and tools daily to ensure your IT career is a success!

What is new in the last 48 hours for the Free Tier members? Here are just some!

  • We have added (and will add) Suggestion Boxes to all of the Free Tier Practice Packs. This is how you can request help, more tools, anything at all you want to suggest or ask about! This will make it simple to communicate with the Lammle.com staff! You just give your name and complete your Suggestion Box entry – simple!
  • Speaking of suggestions, one of our Platinum Members suggested we curate the VERY BEST of YouTube in these topics areas. We currently have about 10 videos across Cisco CCNA and CCNP Enterprise listed so far. WE LOVE THESE VIDEOS!
  • The CCNA Practice Exam 1 comes in at 102 questions and is the best practice exam we have seen in the industry. If you can find a better one, let us know in the Suggestion Box! This practice exam was the most requested free tier element. Of course!
  • We added a Cisco SD-WAN Topic-Based Mini Quiz to the Cisco ENCOR Practice Pack. These mini-quizzes are a great way to test your abilities on a certain topic! They are also great because you can complete them in 10 minutes!
  • We have added several Graded Hands-On Labs to the CCNA Practice Pack. This is how you can really demonstate your mastert of the those pesky CONFIGURE, VERIFY, TROUBLESHOOT topic areas!
  • Finally, we completed the ALL NEW Lammle.com CCNA Quick Reference Sheets. Print these babies out poster size and have the key facts you need for the CCNA exam at a glance!

We hope everyone enjoys the Free Tier membership tools here at Lammle.com. We are adding content every day, and we hope you are as excited as we are!

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