Attend Free CCNA training provided by 2xCCIE Kevin Wallace & Todd Lammle next week!


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Want to get some incredible FREE CCNA training next week by double CCIE Kevin Wallace?
@kwallaceccie and @lammle are teaming up to provide 12 hours of training (4-hours per day) next week July 28-30th from 10-2pm EST, and you can win my new CCNA book if you attend!

Sign. Up. Now.
Click here to learn and win!


  1. Hey Kevin – really keen to sign up snd get a fast track deep dive into collaboration. How can I get the fastest learning curve with your tuition model? Thanks Richy

    1. Hi Richard, sign up here at with either a monthly or yearly membership and the Collaboration course is included with the membership! We discuss in the program how you can build your own hands-on labs!

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