Cisco DNA Center Got You Confused?

Are you confused by Cisco DNA Center? Not sure what is is really good for? Not sure how to set it up and use it? Not sure how to practice lab it? Not sure why it is making its way into EVERY Cisco cert (it seems like)? is your place for answers. Soon we will be releasing the heavily requested videos for the DNA Center edition of our top-rated CCIE Mastery series. Remember, all of these CCIE Mastery courses are included in the Platinum Membership here at Don’t spend up to $5,000 on one course from Cisco! Get all of these courses from our top instructors for less than $50 per month.

Here is a look at just some of the topics in the new course on DNA Center:

  • Functions and use cases
  • Installation and upgrades
  • DNA Center in CCIE Exams
  • Labbing DNA Center for Fun and Profit
  • Discovering your network
  • Managing your inventory
  • Managing software images
  • Examining network topologies
  • Designing network hierarchies
  • Running diagnostic commands against devices
  • Templates for configuration automation
  • Configure telemetry profiles
  • Configure policies
  • Provision networks

Need a membership? No worries – there are plenty to choose from to meet your needs – enjoy!

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