Cisco Firepower/FTD 6.3 new “How To” feature (& how to disable it!)

The new Cisco Firepower 6.3 code has a new feature, but you may find it more annoying than not.

As soon as you login to your FMC you will be treated with a “How To” link on the bottom right of the FMC.

By clicking this, you will receive a menu that you can use to be walked though configuring various items.

More likely than not, that you just want to disable this new feature.

  1. Go to your username shown in the upper right hand corner, right click and then click on User Preferences

2. From this page, click on the new tab named How-To Settings

3. Not really too many settings here…just unclick the Enable How-To option to disable the How To on the FMC


Cool :)


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