Cisco Quietly Raises All Exam Prices…

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Getting ready to take that big leap and spend the big bucks on your Cisco CCNA, CCNP or CCIE exams?    Well, if you didn’t buy your exam vouchers before 2/8/17 then you’re going to be paying more for your Cisco certifications.

Cisco, without any notice or hoopla raised their exam prices and didn’t even send out an email notice to customers, and they wonder why their customer are starting to treat them as the hollow, heartless large company that is too large to function.

Let’s start off with the small update: ICND1 and2 is now $165 each and the CCNA R/S Composite: $325. $25 price increase, not great, but not a cert killer either. The new CCNA Cyber ops? Two tests at $300 a pop.

CCNP exams went from $250 to $300 each! From $750 to $900 total to get your CCNP R/S, which luckily only has 3 exams…oh, were you wanting to take the CCNP Data Center’s FIVE exams? Ouch…

CCIE Written exam? From $400 to $450, which like the CCNA’s price increase isn’t a cert killer…but the CCNP price increase will cause the most grief.

Now, if you called Cisco and complained about the price increase they would, and within their rights, tell you that they own the exam, certifications, etc. and they can do what they want! Unfortunately, that’s true, so your only option is to save up your money and bite the bullet because, at least for now, we still have to have our Cisco certs.





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