Cisco Releases New Firepower Threat Defense 2100 Series Edge Devices!

Cisco releases an awesome new Firepower Threat Defense (FTD) 2100 series Edge Device…they are powerful and meant to perform!

With the new 4100 series at $500k fully loaded (replacing the 5585 model), and the 9300 a cool $1 million loaded with power, the 2100 series is meant to replace the current mid-range lineup from 5525 to the 5555…

This leaves no ASA now….the 5506 & 5508 replaced the 5505/5510’s and the 5516 replaced the 5515’s already…however, no one has mentioned EOL (yet) for that series.

…and these new boxes only run FTD if you want any Firepower services…so goodbye ASA code and ASDM/CSM GUI!
Hey, at least they gave us back SOME CLI capability, so I’m grateful….hopefully more soon…

Nicely, the 6.2.1 code will be out shortly, so FTD will run some form of Anyconnect, even though you’re going to HATE what they did to the licensing for that feature…ugh! (More on this issue later!)

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