Cisco Releases new Firepower 6.6, and new ASA code with lots of cool new features….

Cisco’s NGFW Spring CY20 releases (FTD 6.6, ASA 9.14.1, and FXOS 2.8) are now live on CCO!


These releases deliver significant improvements to manageability and usability including FMC policy troubleshooting and object optimization, and previewing of changes prior to policy deployment. FDM now includes support for air-gapped networks with PLR.

In addition, functionality has been delivered to better support large enterprises. Scalability and resiliency are greatly improved with support for VRFs, MI clustering, and increased support for user identity sessions from 64,000 to 300,000.

120 features across 25 initiatives were delivered, including:

  • Multi-instance clustering support
  • Multi-VRF support
  • Device install and upgrade improvements
  • Azure & AWS horizontal autoscaling and AWS c5 support for FTDv
  • Identity 300K active user sessions support for FTD platforms
  • FTD-API/FDM, Cloud management for IPS signature tuning, HTTP proxy, PPPoE, AWS support
  • SNMP over management port as part of Mgmt/Diagnostic convergence
  • Firepower 4112 new platform support
  • Policy deploy improvements and deploy time prediction
  • FDM Airgap licensing PLR support
  • FMC usability improvements
  • FMC change management – Policy delta preview
  • FMC API’s for CDO support – Dynamic routing
  • Improved PAT operation in clustering
  • ISA 3000 New features
  • Policy and event trouble shooting improvements
  • TLS 1.3 downgrade support improvements
  • TAC Serviceability and debugging improvements
  • ASA policy gaps in FTD (Time based rules support)
  • Certification support for FTD and ASA
  • CSDL/PSB compliance support and Thirdparty SW compliance
  • Improved User assistance Whatfix FMC walkthrough
  • DHCP/IP support on mgmt. interface for Low-touch provisioning
  • VPN S2S IKEv2 support
  • Threat efficacy improvements

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  1. Hi Dear Todd
    Is there any way in FMC to create Network IP Object that able to fetch ip address list from URL?

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