Cisco Service Provider Network Core Technologies (SPCOR) Coming to!

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Are you as excited as we are? The new CCNP Service Provider has been the most requested track (outside of Security of course) here at This is training that is very difficult to find, and if you can find it, often very difficult to watch (unfortunately). This course will be starting within a week.

Need more to get excited about – just check out the preliminary video list below. Like all on-demand video training here at, this course emphasizes hands-on. You will follow along step by step with your instructor as you use GNS3, or EVE-NG, or CML to lab the most sophisticated Service Provider-level technologies available.

SPCOR Coming to!

Module 0.0: Course Introduction
Video: Introducing SPCOR at
Video: LAB TIME: Practice Lab Setup

Module 1.0: SP Architectures
Video: Metro Ethernet
Video: MPLS
Video: Unified MPLS
Video: SR
Video: Optical, xDSL, DOCSIS, TDM, and xPON
Video: Mobility
Video: Cisco Software Architectures
Video: Service Provider Virtualization
Video: MPLS QoS Models (Pipe, Short Pipe, and Uniform)
Video: DiffServ and IntServ QoS models
Video: Trust boundaries between enterprise and SP environments
Video: IPv6 flow label
Video: IPv6 transition technologies

Module 2:0: Security
Video: Control plane protection techniques
Video: BGP-TTL security and protocol authentication
Video: BGP prefix suppression
Video: LDP security
Video: BGP Sec
Video: BGP flowspec
Video: Traceback
Video: AAA and TACACS
Video: RestAPI security
Video: DDoS
Video: uRPF
Video: ACLs
Video: RTBH

Module 3.0: IS-IS
Video: An Overview of IS-IS
Video: IS-IS Route advertisement
Video: IS-IS Area addressing
Video: IS-IS Multitopology
Video: IS-IS Metrics

Module 4:0: OSPF
Video: An Overview of OSPF
Video: OSPF Neighbor adjacency
Video: OSPF Route advertisement
Video: OSPF Multiarea
Video: OSPF Metrics

Module 5.0: BGP
Video: An Overview of BGP
Video: BGP Neighbors
Video: BGP Prefix advertisement
Video: BGP Address family
Video: BGP Path selection
Video: BGP Attributes
Video: BGP Redistribution
Video: Route Maps

Module 6.0: Troubleshooting
Video: Troubleshooting Neighbors
Video: Troubleshooting Advertisements

Module 7.0: High Availability
Video: NSF / graceful restart
Video: NSR
Video: BFD
Video: Link aggregation

Module 8.0: MPLS and Segment Routing
Video: An MPLS Review
Video: LDP sync
Video: LDP session protection
Video: LDP neighbors
Video: Unified MPLS
Video: ISIS and OSPF extensions
Video: RSVP functionality
Video: FRR
Video: Segment routing
Video: Segment types
Video: IGP control plane
Video: TI-LFa
Video: PCE-PCC architectures

Module 9.0: Services
Video: Describe VPN services
Video: EVPN
Video: Inter-AS VPN
Video: CSC
Video: mVPN
Video: Configure L2VPN and Carrier Ethernet
Video: Ethernet services
Video: IEEE 802.1ad, IEEE 802.1ah, and ITU G.8032
Video: Ethernet OAM
Video: VLAN tag manipulation
Video: Configure L3VPN
Video: Intra-AS VPN
Video: Shared services
Video: PIM
Video: IGMP and MLD
Video: Classification and marking
Video: Congestion avoidance, traffic policing, and shaping

Module 10.0: Automation and Assurance
Video: Programmable APIs
Video: Scripts and REST APIs
Video: Network Services Orchestration (NSO)
Video: YANG
Video: Chef, Puppet, Ansible, and SaltStack
Video: Data analytics and data telemetry
Video: Dial-in/out telemetry streams using gRPC
Video: NetFlow/IPFIX
Video: SNMP


  1. Hello,
    Looking forward to get that course.
    Is it available in a self-paced format ?
    Best Regards.

        1. Hi Joel! So thrilled you are excited for this upcoming course. The SPCOR videos will actually start to post TODAY for Expert-Level or Platinum members. I expect to have all the videos posted by 4/15/2021.

          Enjoy the training – I am sure you will!

          1. Hi Anthony, thanks for your reply. I can imagine the challenge it is mostly to prepare SDN part with NSO combined with SR-PCE stuff.
            Is your training covering exact same topics as actual SPCORE blueprint ? I was hesitating to buy a subscription now, because I’m unable to see any SPCORE content from your website in either Professional or Expert sections. Cheers. Joel

          2. Joel, the advertising that we/Anthony are doing is based on the fact that we are starting on the SPCOR video/training/lab program, to be finished by end of April. We just finished adding SD-WAN and ISE.

            Access to the Service Provider material, as we produce it, will be provided to current and future members

            Right now we have the CCNA, CCNP Enterprise, CCNP Security, CCNP Collaboration and now CCNP SPCOR, in the Cert track.
            There are 28 programs on now, for one low price

            Thank you,

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