Network Fund. Section of the Cisco DevNet Assoc. (DEVASC) Course Completes 5/17/2021


That’s right, this important review section of key networking fundamentals will be complete on Monday 5/17/2021. Log in anytime on that day to experience the full module.

This section of the course consists of the following action packed videos. Notice these serve as a great initial education for those new to networking, or they can serve as a valuable review for then more seasoned types:

  • About the Network Fundamentals Section
  • Using Cisco Packet Tracer
  • Layer 1-3 Concept Review
  • Common Networking Components
  • Basic Topology Diagrams
  • Planes of Operation in the Network
  • The Functionality of Key IP Services
  • Common Ports and Protocols
  • Common Application Connectivity Issues
  • Network Constraints on Applications

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