What’s New in the Free Tier? 5/14/2021

cisco hands on labs

Even more Graded Hands On Labs for CCNA have arrived in the Free Tier. This time we have some great challenges for your regarding Layer 2, as well as InterVLAN routing practice. Enjoy!

Here are the current Graded Hands On Labs in that Free Tier area of CCNA:

  • Practice Lab 1 Administrative Configurations
  • Practice Lab 2 Troubleshooting IP Addressing
  • Practice Lab 3 IOS Management-DHCP-NTP
  • Practice Lab 4 Network Discovery and CDP
  • Practice Lab 5 Configure CDP
  • Practice Lab 6 IP Routing – Static Default Routes
  • Practice Lab 7 IP Routing – Host Routes and Floating Static
  • Practice Lab 8 Single Area OSPF
  • Practice Lab 9 Single Area OSPF – DR/BDR
  • Practice Lab 10 Troubleshooting Single Area OSPF
  • Practice Lab 11 Switch Management and Port Security
  • Practice Lab 12 VLANs and Inter-VLAN Routing
  • Practice Lab 13 Trunking
  • Practice Lab 14 Troubleshooting InterVLAN Routing
  • Practice Lab 15 PortFast and EtherChannel

And yes, before you hit the Suggestion Box, we ARE busy making more!

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