How to Fix a Stuck Cisco Firepower/FTD Deployment


Did you ever deploy on your Cisco Firepower/FTD environment and then see something like this?

First, understand that this does not mean your deployment failed, but instead the actual task is done but notification has never been cleared for some reason.

First we’ll log into the FMC and move to root.

Now we use the tool to query the database and grep for “\ 7\ ” to find the running tasks. Find the uuid of the task that is running, for simplicity I just have the one task listed.

Then we make a query that deletes that notification, just like so

Now if we check again the task is gone!

The message will clear out after a 5-minute health check, or you can go to Health>Monitor to clear it if you don’t want to wait.
CREDIT: Original post and Command information from Don Robb at

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  1. I think this deletes the ‘notification’ but the process still runs in the background, this is true at least for domain management process

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