FMCv in AWS - Step by step

Just in time to make it for our upcoming HALLOWEEN 2021 coupon, the newest course is complete and published to the Professional and Platinum Access levels. The course is:

HANDS-ON: FMCv 7.X in AWS Step-by-Step

This Halloween surprise course drop is by request of many of our Cisco Firepower students that were curious about lab building for Firepower studies (or even production workloads) in the AWS public cloud.

This Hands On Lab course walks you step by step through the process. And not to give away the ending, but this course is mainly about the prep work you should (and many times must) create in AWS. As it turns out, the installation of the FMCv in the cloud (once ready) are the much easier steps. We walk you through ALL of them from start to finish.

Why might YOU want to run the FMCv in the AWS cloud? Here are just some reasons:

  • You are going to be wanting your familiar Firepower technology and tools while protecting your AWS IaaS
  • You are wanting to study Firepower with your own dedicated study equipment, but you want to spend less than $50 per month on the gear
  • You are building a hybrid cloud environment and want the protections of Firepower NGFWv and physical appliances
  • You are modeling a corporate Enterprise Infrastructure in the cloud

Enjoy this new course release – and be watching the blog every weekday until Halloween for more great treats. At, we ain’t about no tricks!

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