The Final Cisco SPCOR Update


Here is THE FINAL update on SPCOR that we will need to provide. This course is now set to complete on Monday, November 15, 2021.

This is an important Cisco Service Provider course, and is one of the few to offer this training. Below, you will find a report of the sections that make up the course and the number of completed videos in each section.

Notice that completion dates are now given for any incomplete sections. Enjoy!

  • Course Intro (section complete; 3 videos complete)
  • SP Architectures (completes 10/22/21; 17 videos complete)
  • Security (completes 10/29/21; 6 videos complete)
  • IS-IS (completes 10/29/2021; 9 videos complete)
  • OSPF (section complete; 11 videos)
  • BGP (section complete; 15 videos)
  • Troubleshooting (completes 11/5/21; 4 videos complete)
  • HA (completes 11/5/21; 3 videos complete)
  • MPLS and Segment Routing (completes 11/15/21; 2 videos complete)
  • Services (completes 11/15/21;12 videos complete)
  • Automation (completes 11/15/21; 4 videos complete)


  1. Will there be any SPCOR book written by Todd Lammle, to also help us more in this course or it just a set of videos.


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