Quickly Move from ASA to Firewall Threat Defense (TD) New Install

Here are the steps to go quickly from ASA code to FTD code

ciscoasa# copy ftp://user:[email protected]/cisco-ftd-fp1k.7.1.0-61.SPA disk0:/cisco-ftd-fp1k.7.1.0-61.SPA

Address or name of remote host [192.168.x.x]? enter

Source username [todd]? enter

Source password []? *****

Source filename [cisco-ftd-fp1k.7.1.0-61.SPA]? enter

Destination filename [cisco-ftd-fp1k.7.1.0-61.SPA]? enter

Accessing ftp://todd:<password>@…

[output cut]

Verifying file disk0:/cisco-ftd-fp1k.7.1.0-61.SPA…

Writing file disk0:/cisco-ftd-fp1k.7.1.0-61.SPA…

975857456 bytes copied in 107.450 secs (9120163 bytes/sec)

{Output cut}

Please remember to save your configuration.

ciscoasa# sho run boot

[if you see a boot system command, delete that command now]

ciscoasa# config t

ciscoasa(config)#no boot system

ciscoasa(config)# boot system disk0:/cisco-ftd-fp1k.7.1.0-61.SPA


The system is currently installed with security software package, which has:

– The platform version:

– The CSP (asa) version:

Preparing new image for install…


Image download complete (Successful unpack the image).


If you proceed, the system will be re-imaged and then reboot automatically.

All existing configuration will be lost and the default configuration will be applied.

Installation of version 7.1.0-61 will do the following:

– upgrade to the new platform version

– upgrade to the CSP FTD version 7.1.0-61

Do you want to proceed? [confirm] enter

Finalizing image install process…

[output cut]

Device will reboot and come up as factory default with the new FTD code.

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