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Free Webinar: Todd Lammle on Cisco®‘s Latest CCNA!

Tuesday, April 19 10:00–11:00am PST Register Now! Join the world’s top Certification expert, Todd Lammle, along with technical training leader, Learn IT!, for an interactive look at Cisco®‘s latest CCNA Objectives from the master of Cisco® certifications professional’s perspective. This live webinar will begin with an intelligent lesson on the new Cisco® courseware for the CCNA, the latest objectives, the future direction of certification, and of course, Todd Lammle’s latest book, the bestselling Sybex Cisco® CCNA 7th edition study guide....

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April 5th Technology Guru Speaker Series

On Tuesday April 5th in Microsoft’s Golden Gate conference room in San Francisco, I’ll be speaking about “Cisco®‘s New Mobility in Motion — Changing The Way We Network Forever!” Cisco® is taking networking to a level we’ve never conceived, by using cross-layer feedback to create the “smart grid” of your wireless mobile networks. I’ll be giving away the first signed copies of my new CCNA Cisco® Certified Network Associate Study Guide, and the first 75 attendees get a USB filled with my most current labs. This event also features Mark Minasi...

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GlobalNet Training Announces New Online Classes!

Wonderful news everyone… GlobalNet Training is going Live Online Anywhere! That’s right, Globalnet’s unparralleled CCNA classes will soon be coming to you, so if travel and the time to do that has shut down your progress on the track to success, get ready to move! Starting in SF on April 25th, Todd Lammle will begin teaching his Live Online Anywhere CCNA class. And included in this new customized online class, will be Todd Lammle’s hot off the press Cisco® CCNA 7th Edition Study Guide, published by Wiley! Of course, you can still get up close...

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The Great NRH Event and the Day IPv4 Allocation Officially Ended

What the heck is a Great NRH? January 12th, 2011: The earth is now in a different spot in relation to the sun than it has been for thousands of years, potentially changing your astrological sign. Nothing happens, but people panic anyway. Well, okay not really panic, but they do quasi-panic and celebrate the Great, “Nothing Really Happened” (NRH) by bringing back the 13th sign from the Babylonians called, “Ophiuchus”. January 28th, 2011, Cairo, Egypt: Civil unrest erupts so to the point that the country actually pulls down the area’s entire...

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IPv4 Has 22 Days to live…true or false?

Did you hear about this? If you’re in the IT field, and you’re not dead, then yes, this is not news, but sometimes there is new news about the old news! Take a look at the counter on the right, created by Hurricane Electric (the largest IPv6 ISP in the world). They are telling us that we only have about 20 day’s worth of IPv4 addresses to hand out. Is this actually true or just a new Y2k marketing-type scam? The answer is “TRUE!”. Let me explain…. Yes, it’s true that IPv4 has a very limited shelf life and the expiration date is coming soon....

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Controlling the New Internet

Okay… Stop me if you’ve heard this before: We only have 6% of the world’s supply of IPv4 address left to hand out and if we don’t do something really fast… (sounds of Todd screeching to a halt!) Phew…Thanks for stopping me. This just isn’t breaking news anymore, and it’s becoming a pretty tired topic being discussed to death in the ever-growing number of tech blogs that interestingly, are just now starting to bring it up. I’ve gotta say, cheers mates… it’s about time! I mean really, where have they been? I’ve only been writing and talking...

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Cisco® Unified Wireless Networks (CUWN)

Cisco® Unified Wireless Networks (CUWN)

It’s been a long time since I wrote regarding Cisco® Wireless technologies, and since my newest CCNA Wireless book is about to hit the shelves next week, as well as Cisco® soon to be released Borderless Mobility networks, I thought I’d write a post regarding the benefits regarding the current Cisco® enterprise solutions for your wireless networks. There are basically two types of wireless networks you can install today: stand-alone (also called autonomous, and Cisco® uses the two words interchangeably depending on what day of the week it is),...

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