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Cisco Firepower/FTD 6.3 New Licensing Feature

There is a new Specific License Reservation available for approved customers.  This allows the using the Firepower Management Center (FMC) on an air-gapped network.  Previously, the only way to use [...]


Cisco Releases new Firepower/FTD 6.3 code!

Well, the release of Firepower 6.3 is now upon us!  This release brings several long awaited features including multi-instance and FQDN Access Control rules.  Let’s take a closer look at [...]


New Firepower & FTD Hands-on Labs Announced!

Nov 5th & Dec 3rd week Firepower/FTD students: There are now close to 80 hands-on labs in my intense Firepower/FTD class! Receive my new FTD 6.2.3 full Video series! [...]