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Get 40% off right now for over 50 self-paced Platinum programs only on Lammle.com right now for Valentine’s! Most programs have hands-on labs too!

Includes CCNA, CCNA DevNet, CompTIA Net+, Sec+ and Cloud, Pythons, Introduction to CEH & full CEH, AWS Solution Architect, SD-WAN, CCNP Enterprise, Security, Service Provider, & Collaboration, Cisco Secure Firewall (Firepower), ASA, Cisco XR, & Palo Alto

Also includes the following CCIE Programs: BGP, DNA Center, Firepower 6.0 and 7.0, ISE, Secure Endpoint (AMP), OSI, Python, STP, Tetration, Umbrella, Wireshark, Stealthwatching, and more!

Get it now for one year at the lowest price of the year! This deal is for the Annual Platinum license only.

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  1. Hi,
    I currently have the platinum plan subscription through 10/2023. I can purchase another year’s worth in advance and leverage the discount code? Also, if I purchase the plan before my current subscription expires, does the new expiration date be 12 month added to the current expiration date (i.e. 10/2023) or will I lose the remaining time and the new subscription expiration date be 12 months from the purchase date?



    1. Hi Keith, all great questions, and thank you for writing
      Go ahead and purchase the new low-cost Platinum license, email me at [email protected] with your email confirmation from lammle.com, and ill send it to my admin to add the 12 months to your current subscription so you’ll extend your current plan.
      thank you!!

    2. To apply the discount, log in to your account portal and open your subscription details page (or click the link below).
      Click the “Change Term Length” button.
      On the checkout page, enter the coupon code valentine
      For example, if your current monthly term ends on March 13th. When you switch to the annual membership your subscription term will be extended for a full year, so your next renewal date will be March 13th, 2024.

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