Cisco Firepower FTD 6.2.3 class, book, and video series only!


My new 6.2.3 Intensive Hands-on FTD class is out! Starting 4.2.18 class!

I have new book printing as well as a new video series all coming out in a few weeks on the new Cisco Firepower Threat Defense (FTD) 6.2.3

Here is the outline for the book, videos series, and my class labs…attend my class get the book and video series included! This class is intense and covers everything FTD! Over 70 hands-on labs….you can’t find anything like this anywhere…

Class lab outline, as well as book and video chapter outline:


Chapter 1: Management Configuration (FMC/FTD/Firepower)

Chapter 2: System Configuration

Chapter 3: Health Policy/Health Alerts

Chapter 4: Device Management

Chapter 5: 4100/9300 FXOS/Chassis Management

Chapter 6: FTD CLI

Chapter 7: Objects

Chapter 8: FTD Interface Configuration/Zones

Chapter 9: Platform Settings (FTD/Firepower)

Chapter 10: Routing

Chapter 11: Network Addressing Translation (NAT)

Chapter 12: Access Control Policy

Chapter 13: FTD Troubleshooting (CLI/GUI)

Chapter 14: PreFilter Policy

Chapter 15: Malware/File Policy

Chapter 16: Intrusion Prevision Policy (IPS)

Chapter 17: Identity Policy

Chapter 18: Firepower Discovery Policy

Chapter 19: DNS Policy

Chapter 20: Correlation Policy

Chapter 21: SSL Policy

Chapter 22: FTD FlexConfig

Chapter 23: Account Management

Chapter 24: Configuring Custom Application Detectors

Chapter 25: Intrusion Even Analysis

Chapter 26: Network Analysis Policy (NAP)

Chapter 27: Reporting and Task Management

Chapter 28: Quality of Service (QoS)

Chapter 29: Firepower Domains

Chapter 30: FTD High Availability

Chapter 31: Site-to-site VPN

Chapter 32: Remote Access (AnyConnect)

Chapter 33: Advanced Malware Protection for end nodes (AMP)

Chapter 34: ISE with PxGrid



  1. Hi Todd,

    I’m really looking forward to the new video series, because the current one is quite outdated (it was before the 6.x) and mainly focus on ASA with FirePOWER services rather than FTD.

    Will members have access to the new videos with their current membership, or will they have to pay an extra ?


        1. The videos for 6.2.3 are done and only available for my students at this time. Still working on the book!

      1. Hi Todd,

        As a full member, I used to have access to the old Firepower videos, but it’s not the case anymore.

        The only reason I decided to go for the paid membership was to get access to the FirePower videos…

        Could you have a look at that ?



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