Cisco FTD boxes failing with “Device does not have required amount of memory resources”

*UPDATE: I have not seen this error since using FTD 6.2.3 code*

When you receive the following error there is no other option other than to erase and reinstall the FTD software

I’ve tried everything to fix it, and the FTD health and device status is excellent, but it just won’t deploy!

I can reproduce this on 6.2.2 and code.

Reboot, erase disk0: and then complete reinstall. Sucks.


    1. Sorry to hear that. There is a new 6.6.4 out, so I would update to that, and if you still get the error I’d report it to TAC. I haven’t seen this error in well over a year! What type of FTD is it?

      1. I have just received the same error for 5512ftd, after FMC upgrade from to 6.6.4.
        I have opened a tac case and awaiting solution

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